Thursday, August 28, 2008

Starbucks Must Yearn for Bankruptcy

First they don't even give you a single free refill. Second, they announced hot sandwiches, but they never came. Later they talked about $1 coffees in select cities - but Lansing wasn't one of them. Next, unlike Biggby & Panera which offer free WiFi, Starbucks only issued promises that they too would one day offer it.

THAT DAY HAS COME, only the "free WiFi" costs $5 AND it requires you join a club (hello spam mail!) plus dish over $5, but it gets're only "allowed" 2hrs per visit. So the free you pay for and even once you pay, you're given a time limit.

Starbucks has become all things I dislike in a coffee shop. It's a damn shame, because the coffee is actually really fuckin good. I guess the people that run Starbucks are the kinds of people that could 'mess up...a cup of coffee.'

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


This is just the first post in what I hope will become my Lansing, MI blog. Though I'll be attending law school & law students should generally avoid be sentient members of society (dissenters if you will), I doubt I'll be able to camouflage myself or my ideals for very long. So...why even bother? My name is Christian Duque, I'm a well known blogger from north central Florida and plan to bring my love of blogging to Lansing. I hope to meet many interesting people, sharing my ideas and interacting with thousands of new friends & neighbors.